“SUNation is the best of both worlds. We have the small mom and pop company feel with all of the benefits that come with working for a big corporation. It’s hard for people who don’t work here to understand that I actually enjoy coming to work on Mondays.”

Tara DelBianco

Current Role: Director of HR & Training
Starting Role: Office Administrator
Joined SUNation: August, 2011

“My feelings about working at SUNation are very simple. Everyone whether they are employees, friends or customers are part of the SUNation Family and SUNation takes care of their Family!”

Gina Carrara

Current Role: Director of Customer Experience
Starting Role: Receptionist
Joined SUNation: November, 2009

“Two words immediately come to mind when asked to describe how I feel about my co-workers/bosses; family and loyalty. It is humbling to be a part of The Nation; to be a part of something that is making a difference. I love the force of nature that we are as a collective team. How everyone is always included, no one is left out. It is truly a one of a kind place to work.”

Victoria M Walker

Current Role: Finance Assistant
Starting Role: Permit Coordinator
Joined SUNation: January, 2015

“I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to work in some great places in my career. All in different industries for the most part as I like to keep it fresh! I’m proud to say that I have excelled at all of those opportunities and enjoyed them all. SUNation Solar Systems is nearer and dearer to my heart than any of them. Everybody pulls for everyone else to win here! The fabric of this company is incredible. Professional & prideful. Everyone helps everybody else shine through! I love that about this place and wouldn’t want to sell solar or work in any other place. I’m going on 59 years old. I’m proud to say that SUNation Solar Systems is my last stop for my working career, if they’ll have me that long! ;-)”

Mike Copeland

Current Role: Sales

“SUNation is a very stimulating place to work. The employees work together and are very supportive of each other. The business continues to grow providing opportunity and challenges every day. Never a dull moment and plenty of good people to collaborate and celebrate with!”

Jeff Peterson

Current Role: Financial Advisor

“It’s said that when you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. When you love where you work, going to work is as comfortable as being at home, this is what it is like working at SUNation. A place where family comes first!”

Antoinette Verzino

Current Role: Permit Coordinator
Joined SUNation: December, 2015

(Antoinette is currently training to switch roles and move into the service department after expressing an interest in learning about the technical aspects of a solar system!)

“Working at SUNation gives me a great sense of pride. I love coming to work knowing that what I do for a living makes a difference. Quality and Aesthetics are something I take seriously and love that it shows in our product.”

Harry Belechto

Current Role: Field Engineer
Starting Role: Installer
Joined SUNation: February, 2006

“Why a city for solar when you can have an entire nation! The Nation is more than just a place to work, it’s more of a second home. The work place provides all the comforts, from luncheons to after work activities. The days here are looked forward to and the relationships with the other employees is truly a family atmosphere.”

Mike DellaRocca

Current Role: Director of Procurement
Starting Position: Site Evaluator
Joined SUNation: May, 2009

“Working at SUNation has been like being part of a really successful vegetable garden. Everybody’s blooming, everyone is shining and that doesn’t come without exceptional leadership and “nourishment”. I feel very blessed to have been able to “grow” so vastly as an individual in alignment with the company’s constant forward trajectory and it is so awesome to see the same happen for so many other hardworking, deserving people around me. The feeling I have at the start of every work day is something to the effect of being at the front lines of an energy revolution – and that’s pretty cool!”

Jason Nendza

Current Role: Senior PV Designer
Starting Role: Part Time Installer
Joined SUNation: April 2010


SUNation Solar Systems is an equal-employment-opportunity employer. For all job titles, we recruit, hire, train and promote individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, age, disability, or covered veteran status, or other factors identified and protected by federal, state and local laws. All employment decisions are based on the principle of equal employment opportunity.

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