A bright future for your business.

If you could:

  • Reduce Operating Expenses for 25+ years
  • Improve Profitability
  • Increase Equity

With a potential ZERO Out-of-Pocket Investment – Why wouldn’t you go solar?

Today’s Commercial Solar with SUNation offers an asset that produces revenue and generates long-term, guaranteed savings.

Going solar with SUNation is good for business. Simply by producing clean, cost-efficient energy harnessed by the sun, you can significantly reduce your operating costs, and send the positive message to your customers and employees that your company cares about the environment. Lower your energy bills, save dollars in overhead, decrease your carbon footprint, influence purchasing decisions, and create customer loyalty – all with the greenest business asset under the sun.

You’re Our Neighbor – Not a Number

In our view, the only installation that matters is yours. Our only loyalty is to you – the business owner – and the quality of your installation. That’s because we treat every business owner on Long Island as our neighbor – not a number. We’re the best in the business – and we offer only the best for your business.

Our Hassle-Free Promise

Every commercial solar installation at SUNation is hassle-free and turnkey. We walk you through the ins and outs of every incentive program in your area – and work closely with you every step of the way – from system planning through system installation, inspection, and certification.

Save with Solar

As a business owner, your concern is always your bottom line. You may have thought about your business going solar in the past, but things have really changed.
Why now?

  1. Multiple financing options best suited for your business.
  2. Immediately reduce operating expenses.
  3. “Lock in” favorable power rates for the life of the solar power system (typically 25+ years).
  4. Take advantage of the 30-percent federal tax credit for solar installations.
  5. A five-year MACRS accelerated depreciation schedule.
Powerful Programs and Payouts

The NY SUN Incentive program rewards business owners who go solar with a cash rebate. Other money-saving solar incentive programs for Long Island businesses include:

  • PACE financing currently available in Suffolk County
  • NYSERDA Incentives
  • PSEG LI Incentives
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Operating Leases
  • Green Jobs, Green New York Commercial Ownership Financing


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Ready to Go Solar?

Ready to convert the energy falling on your commercial roof into instant savings?

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